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Something old, Something New


Something old, Something New

In the UK we have a rich heritage of period and historic homes, but when it comes to designing the interiors old does not have to mean traditional.

At Urban Myth we believe that modern kitchens should not be restricted to contemporary homes. In fact, our very name originates from this common misconception. So often we find that period homes benefit greatly from the addition of a state-of-the-art new kitchen, with the contrast between sleek, minimal design and characterful original features really bringing a space to life.

Older properties may have structural elements that can’t be moved, but that doesn’t have to mean that a contemporary style kitchen won’t work for anything that isn’t an open, minimal and modern room. However, there are several ways that such original features can be incorporated into a design or, if necessary, concealed.

There are many design choices that can be applied to ensure the combination of old and new is seamless. For example, incorporating a wood veneer style cabinet can echo wood accents within your room and bring warmth to your scheme. In other scenarios, you can accentuate the differences by adding recessed lighting to highlight cornicing or original beams. You can also take elements from traditional kitchens and combine them with a modern look; this kind of transitional style is becoming increasingly popular. Shaker kitchen doors can be defined by their recess panelled fronts and are often used in country style kitchens; however, the simple clean lines of their design can also work well for a contemporary space and by choosing a slim profile for your worktop, you will give your design more of a modern twist.

Of course, when designing a kitchen, the process is a balancing act between aesthetics and functionality which is why it is always a good idea to enlist the help of a kitchen designer at the start of your project.

When starting a new kitchen project, it is good to be open to new ideas that your designer may suggest. New colours, textures and layout options which you might not have thought of could be exactly right for your needs and your home. At Urban Myth we believe that every kitchen is unique and as individual as you are. Whatever the age and style of your property, your kitchen should be designed around your lifestyle and your tastes – not the building it’s in.

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