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Fit for a Queen

Dr Annie McGarrity of Queen’s Mews Clinic brings out the beautiful in every woman – inside and out


Dr Annie McGarrity understands better than most that beauty is more than skin deep. Her sagacity in this department is, after all, founded in 20 years’ experience in the health, beauty and aesthetic industry, during which time she has developed more than just her considerable clinical skills: she has also built a profound empathy with the women she treats.

With a post-graduate qualification in aesthetic medicine under her star-studded belt, Dr McGarrity – who is also a fully trained Pilates instructor, part-time model and an advanced practitioner in Facial Augmentation and an Obagi trained practitioner – cut her teeth in cosmetic dentistry before expanding her expertise into the more fulfilling wider arena of aesthetic medicine. And although she is covered in qualifications, Dr McGarrity never rests on her laurels; as such, she ensures that she is constantly educating herself in the very latest developments in the industry.

Through the accrual of her vast reservoirs of experience, Dr McGarrity has never deviated from one central guiding and passionately held belief: that working with clients to achieve physical augmentation must always be an exercise in growing women’s confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, the physical expression of which is allowing them to look and feel their very best while being attentive of their emotions. To work with Dr McGarrity is, after all, to make the most worthwhile of investments: in yourself.

With this founding principle firmly in place, Dr McGarrity knew that in order to propagate her holistic brand of aesthetic medicine, she would need to open her own clinic. To that end, the boutique and friendly Queen’s Mews Clinic in Buckhurst Hill opened its doors three years ago, to offer women the gamut of treatments, from chemical peels to treatments for excessive sweating; Botox to dermal fillers (these last two differ from one another in that whilst the former works to relax the muscles, the latter actively fills the area of skin).

One treatment currently gathering popularity apace is the new Silhouette Soft Lift, which uses cutting edge technology to offer facelifts to those not ready or not keen to go under the knife – and since Dr McGarrity’s client-base spans women from the age of 25 looking for natural-look lip plumps right through to those over 45 and beyond, a non-surgical option is vastly appealing across the board. This minimally invasive treatment has the power to re-shape your face and restore volume, via state-of-the-art suspension suture.

To administer the treatment, Dr Annie McGarrity has been fully and officially trained by Sinclair Pharma, regularly attending meetings at the Royal Society of Medicine in London and the World Expert Meeting in Barcelona to ensure that she is up-to- the-minute on every new development in this ground-breaking, era-changing new medicine.

So how does it work? Using Polyactic acid, a well-known polymer that has been successfully used for years in many medical applications, including as a resorbable suture, Silohouette Soft has been developed by scientists in

the USA who created a Poly L-Lactic acid monofilament. The threads then support the skin under the surface and lift sagging soft tissue, also stimulating the natural production of collagen. And all this with just a single, minimally invasive stitch.
Dr Annie McGarrity’s prices remain competitive, while she offers a bespoke and discreet service, as such providing the complete package. Because as few people know better than Dr McGarrity, to feel whole is to feel beautiful.


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