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Dream my Christmas dream

Amongst the festivities, it can be a good time to take stock of your biggest dreams and set yourself up for a happy new year, says Emma Mills


On the surface, it may seem that our collective output slows to a shuffle over the course of an average London winter. Just as the trees are denuded and the same flower boxes outside pubs that give such a riot of colour in the summer are suddenly bare, we too scuttle from A to B, mostly sheltering indoors. The crowds who bathed in the sunshine in parks and green spaces are inside keeping toasty. But despite appearances, winter can still be a deeply creative time.

The festive season is a good time to regather and consider your intentions as you set goals and sew new ideas, ready to be reaped in the year to follow. Here below is a little explorative game I wanted to share with you. It’s good fun and it encourages a sense of patience.

Here’s how to start. Grab a piece of paper and note down the things you’d like to explore this year. Think of your goals, dreams, understanding and your personal qualities. Pop it in a sealed envelope and tidy it away in a drawer, like a time capsule for your dreams. Then vow to revisit your dream capsule next year during spring clean time to see how things have flowered since.

Setting a goal can be like throwing an anchor out ahead of you. Once you set your target, life will often help you out by pulling you towards it. It is worth reminding ourselves that life in the wider sense is not separate from the self; everything is connected in one big whole, and the creative urge that gives rise to your dream is the same creative urge that will see it fulfilled.

Whether you have got a vision board and a goal list as long as your arm or, conversely, you don’t have any goals per se and are just happy to let life unfold, taking a moment to remember your own deepest wish is a lovely thing to do.

Whilst our personal goals are likely to be unique to us, our deepest wish is something, I suspect, that many of us share. I wish you all the best in the new year as those reveries of now take root and grow. I hope all your dreams come true, and that you shine brightly as you enjoy the fullest most wonderful expression of your care and capabilities.

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