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All Is Well


Life in the throbbing heart of the metropolis is often lead at a break-neck pace, and as the famous poem goes, ‘We have no time to stand and stare’.

But our new columnist and meditation expert, Emma Mills, is set to change this. Read on for her great tips…


UPON RISING: (3 mins) Simply close your eyes and place one hand over your heart and one over your tummy. Take ten conscious breaths, in and out, through your nose, gently. Feel your breath happening now, and welcome yourself gently into the day.


OVER BREAKFAST: (5 mins) Read an inspiring poem or leaf through a beautifully illustrated book. It’s good to start the day by reading or looking at something that reminds you of who you are, and what really matters.


AT WORK: (15 mins) Often, our style of thinking at work is focused and calculated. It can be a nice change then, to introduce a little light heartedness and a sense of spontaneity into our day. Why not go for an aimless walk during your tea break? While wandering, you’re not tryingto achieve anything or get anywhere, just strolling about, feeling free.

You never know where you’ll end up, or who you’ll meet.


AFTER WORK: (5 mins) Spend a little time this evening getting familiar with your sense of hearing. That might be simply listening out for the wind in the trees or the sound of the coffee machine, or perhaps listening patiently and without motive to your friend or colleague as they tell you about their day. Listening to what’s happening here and now can really help you to feel more in the moment, as well as developing your interpersonal skills.


BED TIME: (2 mins) Trouble getting off to sleep? Try this little humming exercise, it can really feel quite lovely. Once laying down in bed, take a nice easy breath in through your nose, and on your out breath let out a little humming sound… ‘hmmmmm’. Try it out over the course of three or four breaths, nice and gently, and see where this leads you…

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