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Meditation the best medication?

Meditation takes many different forms and has a myriad of health benefits. Emma Mills finds herself in the moment and soaks up the experience

Emma Mills

What is meditation?
Meditation is a practice that teaches you how to focus, (like tuning in to an inner radio station) and then you begin to learn about yourself. It can be described in lots of ways, and the best way to know it, is to do it.

Why is it important?
Meditation brings you closer in touch with the most essential part of who you are. It’s an enjoyable and pleasant way to spend time. Also, being able to sit still for five minutes, focus and develop a more positive relationship with your mind has lots of practical applications for everyday life.

How does it make you feel?
It’s about self discovery and until we sit down and tune in, we don’t know where we are going to go or what we will find. How do you feel when you get a new insight into your life? It depends what the insight is, but you will gain ground. Rather than seeking a specific feeling, be curious about the feelings that arise and also aware of where those feelings are known.

Can you set the scene for us of a typical meditation?
Meditation could start sitting with your eyes closed. Keep the spine upright and the head level. Try to keep your eyes still and the breathing even to begin with. Then see if you can be observant. Don’t try to change anything, just see what’s happening. It takes some practice to see what’s going on, with a gentle open mindedness. Slowly things will begin to occur to you, and this will grow as your ability to focus grows. Be interested! What is happening within you, with a little viewing, is fascinating.
After a while of doing meditation something begins to change. It can feel a little like being home. You can’t force it to happen. It’s like learning to read, you practice and one day it just starts to happen. It’s a sense of being or presence that is hard to describe but it just arrives. And then you sit quietly with it, until you have had enough, and that’s it.

It sounds like a great escape...
It does sound like that, but in reality it’s quite the reverse. It isn’t about loosing yourself or distraction. It is about knowing yourself and being intimate with the experience, which is subtle yet empowering. After sitting for a while in that space it becomes easier as you get more familiar with it. How you view and interact with life is different from this place, and you begin to be able to operate from there more and more.

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