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Go gangster

Check out some favourite haunts of the east London gangsters. That sh*t is Kray-Kray.

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

You can start off with a half pint at White Chapel’s The Blind Beggar – one of the bestknown Kray locations thanks to its dubious credentials as the place where Ronnie shot and killed George Cornell. It’s still a bustling boozer, serving up posh hot dogs and boasting a smart beer garden with a fancy water feature. But you’re on a budget, so put the sausage down and stick to your half pint.

Repton Boys Club, Bethnal Green
Once you’re nicely hydrated, move on to Repton Boys Club on Cheshire Street. It’s been open since 1884 and the Krays used to box here, along with other East Enders, like Audley Harrison and Darren Barker.

97 Evering Rd, Stoke Newington
Pumped and ready for a bit of a journey, head over to 97 Evering Road, a Victorian endof- terrace house in Stoke Newington. This is where Reggie Kray, urged on by Ronnie, stabbed Jack McVitie to death in the basement flat, on October 28th 1967 after McVitie crossed the twins once too many times. St Matthews Church, Bethnal Green If visiting these blood-stained sites leaves you in need of redemption, head to St Matthew’s, an 18th-century church on Hereford Street where the funerals of both twins took place.

Strike a pose:

Luminaries associated with the east abound. Pay homage by visiting their statues

WE Gladstone, Bow Churchyard
Pop over to see WE Gladstone (1808-1898) at Bow churchyard. He served four terms as a Liberal PM in a career spanning over 60 years. Fair play, he probably deserves his statue.

Clement Attlee, Limehouse Library
It’s 100 years since women got the vote and Clement Attlee (1883-1967), as Stepney’s first Labour mayor and later PM, was a huge supporter of suffrage. Attlee is remembered in bronze outside Limehouse Library.

Queen Alexandra, Whitechapel
Queen Alexandra was hugely popular in the East End largely due to her presidency of the London Hospital in 1904 and her work in combatting lupus. She also just happned to be King Edward VII’s wife.

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