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Design for life

Contemporary montage illustrator, Patrick Boyer, shares his dreams, aspirations and little black book.


What inspired you to become a designer?
I never really intended to become a designer. I just happen to have gravitated towards design through photography and odd creative jobs.

What’s the most fascinating project you’ve worked on?
Each project usually brings something interesting to the table. I know that’s the “proper” answer, but I do get to work on some really creative stuff. Anything that pushes me to do something new or to re-invent what I’ve been doing ends up being the most fascinating.

Design as an umbrella term covers many disciplines – where do your design strengths lie?
I think my forte is in diversity. In the industry it is good to have a particular style, but I do enjoy having several.

Who do you aspire to most and why?
That’s a hard question because my heroes always seem to change. It wouldn’t necessarily be another designer; sometimes it’s a writer, a musician or just meeting a certain person at a time when I most need things to be shaken up a little.

Anything that pushes me to do something new or to re-invent what I’ve been doing ends up being the most fascinating.

What does your vision look like as a designer?
Long term, who knows? I’ve been at it long enough.
Perhaps a return to photography and a simpler style of design. More travel and more photography would be great.

What is your biggest dream?
I guess becoming successful at what I enjoying doing most is a good start.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
I’m fortunate enough to say that I’ve lived in many places. My passion has always been travel. I guess now my dream home base would be a self-sustaining cabin by the water that enables me to continue exploring the world.

Interesting Facts

Favourite food? Fresh fish caught on the beaches of Thailand

Favourite market? Camden Market in the 1990s

Favourite coffee shop? Some fantastic cafe I stumbled on while exploring Tuscany... the name escapes me. It also involved several bottles of wine

Favourite way to chill? Mountain biking or a hike with a posthike beer (or three) on an outdoor patio with a view of the ocean)

Favourite escape? Well, I’m in Vancouver right now. Escaping seems like something I do best

Favourite area outside of east London? Storm watching in Tofino in the far west of Canada

Describe yourself in a word? Non-advance planner (that’s two-ish...sorry)

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? A toss up between David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and myself, 20 years in the future

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