Why E1 Life

Nowhere in the city boasts a deeper, richer or more diverse history than East London. Its earthy buzz and energy coming direct from its locals who have always mucked in and pulled together through good times and adverse.
Bombed in the Blitz, the crucible of the political landscape-changing Suffrage movement, and the home to the notorious gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray. The proliferation of current blockbuster movies on all these topics testifies to the fact that the world loves an East Ender.
Where else could you find the best jellied eels in town from a family business going back centuries, right next door to a polished and perfect brunch offering?
It is here that gritty urbanism meets city slicker; where tradition meets hipster; where the back alleys that once were home to street urchins retain their history, yet suddenly open out to be reminiscent of New York in its heyday.

E1ife Media Kit

E1 Life Manifesto

Within our perfectly stitched, expertly executed pages, we vow to encapsulate the juxtaposition of being at the heart of East London and on the cusp of the City of London, but always as part of the community, and never simply as a
dispassionate observer.