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Brainchild of RCP Media and E1 Life magazine, two businesses Rosie is passionate about and a taster of what’s new in the entrepreneurial pipeline. Pathfinder of Peter Jones (Dragon’s Den) National Enterprise Academy, and also a keen charity supporter, Rosie loves to turn dreams into reality.

Best place in the East: Albion, Boundary Street – the best place for any rendezvous. Coffee from Climpsons and Son on Broadway market… Oh and don’t forget the flowers from Columbia Road market.

Why E1 Life?
It’s a gut feeling… encapsulating a thriving hotspot in one of the best cities in the world!

Be nice to those on the way up, you never know who you might meet on the way down.

E1ife Media Kit

Renate Ruge, Editor

International journalist and photographer Renate has over 15 years of publishing experience and a passion for glossy magazines. Working on quality titles in London, New York and Sydney, she specialises in launches, relaunches and hot new looks. She is also Contributing Editor at Food and Travel magazine. @renateruge

Best place in the East: Shoreditch. For the urban attitude and edge, hip bars and designer shops. My personal pick? A spot of lunch at Lyle’s. Then just admiring the Tea Building itself.

Why E1 Life? I spent great times living in and around Mile End and Hackney as a student at Queen Mary, University of London. For me, the East End means down-to-earth folk, jellied eels, countless cool caffs and the blooming marvellous Columbia Road Flower Market.

This is one of the city’s most exciting and vibrant areas where anything and everybody goes.

Loretta Williamson, Advertising Director

Former advertising director at many women’s glossy magazines including Hello Magazine. Loretta is now enjoying being part of the print renaissance where she can contribute her wealth of experience to E1 Life.

Best place in the East: The Geffrye Museum

Why E1 Life? Loved the concept so much – just couldn’t say no 

Thinks: E1 Life what’s not to like?

E1ife Media Kit
E1ife Media Kit

Eric Woollard-White
Business and Property editor

In addition to working as a freelance business journalist, Eric consults on brand marketing and business development projects. For 10 years, he was a director of the investment business owned by Peter Jones from Dragons’ Den and a Trustee of his charity.

Best place in the East: F. Cook, Pie & Mash, 150 Hoxton St

Why E1 Life? It’s my guilty pleasure

Is: Forever 25 on the inside

Ed Gibbs
Entertainment Editor

Commentator and critic, arts journo, creative juggler and documentary filmmaker. Contributes to BBC News, Empire, Rolling Stone, The Guardian and more. Also producer of Let’s Dance: Bowie Down Under – about David Bowie and the birth of MTV. 

Best place in the East: For music, Rough Trade Records in Brick Lane. For movies, Genesis Cinema in Mile End.

Why E1 Life?

‘Cos it makes the East End feel tops all over again.

Thinks: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” David Bowie (RIP)

E1ife Media Kit

Lily Earle, Beauty Writer

Teacher turned techie with a life long passion for beauty (and the importance of it both inside and out), and how it can be engaged with in a way that inspires and builds confidence in people.

Best place in the East:  The fabric shops along and around Brick Lane – I could spend hours lost in them! Followed by Kahaila Cafe – a social enterprise where all the profits go to support local community projects and their salted caramel chocolate brownies are amazing.

Why E1 Life? I couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend more time exploring the area.

Thinks: “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” – Roald Dahl


Liam has cooked in some of London’s finest restaurant kitchens, but now only pulls on his chef whites these days for the odd food festival. Nowadays you can find him eating his way round London’s most unique and affordable restaurants and cocktail bars. Follow him on his travels on twitter @Liam__Barker 

Best place in the East: Voodoo Rays

Why E1 Life? Because it’s about time someone shook things up in east London. People don’t want just to read about one thing. I love that they mix up business and lifestyle content. A startup is a lifestyle, and E1 life recognises that!

Thinks: “First we eat and then we do everything else.”

E1ife Media Kit

Russell Dovey, Fitness writer

As a fitness professional I’m passionate about health and wellbeing. I own an allotment and grow organic fruit and vegetables for the whole family – although I have to admit I’m partial to a slice of pizza or two.

Best place in the East: Gyms Kitchen in Leyton, they serve great protein packed food in an unfussy environment.

Why E1 Life? I grew up in the city and have always enjoyed the fast pace and creativity of the East End.

Last word: Don’t keep saying tomorrow, what about today?

E1ife Media Kit
E1ife Media Kit

Nick Atkins, Music Writer

Nick is a journalist and a former Australian. He writes about music and bars, and in his spare time he enjoys listening to music in bars, and talking about Australia.

Best place in the East: The Book Club

Why E1 Life? Gotta read something now FHM‘s gone…

Thinks: ‘talent borrows genius steals’