RCP Media Background

E1 Life magazine is a publication created by RCP Media, a marketing agency specialising in merchandising, staffing, direct mail and social media.

RCP was established in 2007 and this vibrant and independent company has recently launched a new publishing division, RCP Publications.


RCP is a creative agency and quality content provider. As a niche publisher we create magazines with top class editorial and production values, bridging a gap in multiple markets and area sectors across a variety of platforms.

While digital is a cornerstone of our lives, it will never rival the experience people enjoy when picking up and reading a printed magazine or book. The feeling of leafing through the pages of a tangible product is something online publications are still to compete with.

Recent research has shown that the print medium is enjoying a renaissance, as our minds are more relaxed when reading print material with an average read time of 30-50 minutes. This means that advertisers can relay more complex messages to target new and existing customers. (Source Campaign magazine.)

One thing common to all our publications is that our content is carefully targeted and connects with its audience, encouraging avid and loyal readers who appreciate our innovation and creativity and keep coming back for more.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure you, our customer, are at the heart of what we do.
We want you to be part of our new and exciting publishing adventure… and when better to start than now!

RCP Media

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